Indra Sarovar

Indra Sarovar is the largest artificial lake in Nepal which is famous for its landscapes surrounded by scenic natural beauty. It is constructed at the heart of Makwanpur district of Narayani zone, between Markhu and Kulekhani VDC. The lake was built for Kulekhani Hydropower project and is 7km long. The main adventure here is boating with beautiful hills around. The lake is famous for fish farming and tourist here get to enjoy fresh fish items.


Kulekhani has emerged into a famous tourist destinations for domestic tourists. Due to the road construction and making way from Kulekhani has made the destination more popular. Especially, people from Kathmandu valley visit the place due to very short distance of 30km. There are two ways of getting to the place i.e taking a private vehicle or hiking. People who wants to make a family trip can hire a vehicle and can easily reach to their destination. Youths choose the way of hiking to get there. The hike route starts from Thankot-Chitlang, Chitlang-Markhu & Markhu-Kulekhani. Some travel on bikes and enjoy the panoramic view on the way.


The major attraction of the place is its panoramic landscapes and boating in the lake. The view of the lake is mesmerizing and will make one fall in love with nature. Boating at Indra Sarovar feels like sailing in heaven, with it’s peaceful surrounding and lust green hills. The lake has a historical fact that it was created by the Late King Birendra in the name of his wife Indra Rajya Laxmi Shah. The lake ends at Kulekhani Dam which was built for the purpose of generating electricity. The dam is also near to the lake. People can also extend their trip to Kulekhani Dam.

Markhu is a beautiful village which has popular areas to visit. A suspension bridge above the Indra Sarovar lake adds more beauty and attraction to the place. People mostly walk by the bridge to experience the beauty of the place and enjoys to take pictures. Tourists can also extend their trip as there are beautiful resorts located here at reasonable prices. Youths, they enjoy camping fire at the evening, jamming with delicious food and local drinks. Morning sunrise is the best thing one can experience here. Waking up with the sounds of chirpy birds and the landscapes around is amusing.